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Aliens from another world send a huge robotic accumulator to invade the Earth and absorb all energy it comes in contact with.

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original title: Kronos

genge: Action,Drama,Horror,Romance,Sci-Fi


imdb: 5.9

duration: 1h 18min


budget: $160,000

keywords: robot, evilrobot, hydrogenbomb, pilot, general, doctor, reversefootage, giantrobot, pseudoscience, scientistpilot, partanimation, mushroomcloud, helicopter, invasion, electrocution














































A giant asteroid nearly five miles wide crashes into the ocean near Mexico. A trio of scientists, led by Les Gaskell, investigate, and discover a giant machine. Meanwhile, a colleague of the scientists has been possessed by an alien electricity, and is controlling the actions of a 100-foot-tall robot, which is heading for Los Angeles and destroying all in its path. Aliens from another world send a huge robotic accumulator to invade the Earth and absorb all energy it comes in contact with. To be fair, the state of special effects in 1957 were not too advanced for Science-Fiction films. So any sci-fi movie made then had to leave more to the imagination and had little to work with for visuals. If you are a fan of 50s sci-fi, you will most likely enjoy this film, but if you are expecting a prequel to Star Wars, you will be sadly disappointed.

I always enjoy sci-fi films based on real science. And the principle of energy turning into matter was a pleasing piece of content. However, some of the acting by the B actors left quite a bit to be desired. Still, better than average for the 50s. *Spoiler/plot- Kronos- Ravager of Planets, 1957, Two Top Secret Central Laboratory scientists discover a new planetary body orbiting the Earth. Their laboratory leader has been secretly taken over by a fantastic alien control device launched from an orbiting spaceship inhabited by a hostile super-intelligent space aliens. Helped by the lab's boss, a giant flying saucer crashes into the Gulf of Mexico. And Kronos, a giant metallic monolith machine emerges onto the beaches. This metal monster moves across the land searching and taking any electrical or energy source and beaming it back to it's orbiting spaceship. An atomic strike is called and Kronos absorbs the nuclear energy to make this threat even more unstoppable. Kronos starts to move into the southern Californian area and the authorities fight back.

*Special Stars- Jeff Morrow, Barbara Lawrence, John Emery, Morris Ankrum, George O'Hanlon, Robert Shayne.

*Theme- The laws of physics are universal and intergalactic.

*Trivia/location/goofs- B & W, Listen for the psychiatrist actor (recording into his Dictaphone his diagnosis) and Morris Ankrum misuses & confusing the similar words 'scrounge' and 'scourge'. He meant to use scrounge. The computer assistant, George O'Hanlon is the famous cartoon voice-actor for Hanna Barbera' 'George Jetson'. Also TV Superman's favorite Metropolis police detective, Robert Shayne has a role as a military officer in a control tower. Many noteworthy news reporters (Ward of LA and Stevenson of NY) of this era are used on camera. Watch to the clever but under-budget animation to make Kronon's legs move up & Down to give the monster machine mobility.

*Emotion- One of the best B-movies of it's times exploring: the Atomic Age, flying saucers, invaders from outer planets, and menacing robotic machines trying to take over Earth. A well paced, good plot, acted well and cast well. The only disappointments are some very minor troubles mentioned in the Trivia/Goofs section of this review. With today's news topics of saving energy and living 'green' with a small carbon footprint; this film's plot would be ripe for a decent UPDATED film re-make. But always be worried about re-makes, they have a bad track record of failures. Maybe not in this case, if done well.


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